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Separate Maintenance Information Provided by Atlanta Family Attorneys


The Atlanta divorce attorneys at Ridley & Pryor are experienced in filing for legal separations and obtaining separate maintenance. A legal separation is often a substitute for divorce where the court divides property, determines child custody and visitation rights, and awards child and spousal support, but does not grant a divorce. This arrangement is common in situations where the spouses wish to separate permanently, but do not want to get a divorce for religious or financial reasons. Separate maintenance is the money awarded for child and spousal support in a legal separation proceeding.

Although this process does not involve an actual divorce, it is still just as complicated as the divorce process. Accordingly, it is important to have the assistance of Atlanta family lawyers who are knowledgeable about the motions that must be filed and the requirements that must be satisfied to obtain a legal separation and the accompanying separate maintenance.

The Atlanta family attorneys at Ridley & Pryor have experience in obtaining separate maintenance for their clients, including matters such as filing for a legal separation, determining child custody, obtaining visitation rights, and dividing marital assets. If you are involved in the legal separation process, contact the Atlanta divorce attorneys at Ridley & Pryor for a free consultation today.

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